Let go of any negative emotions and clear your path to success!

Welcome to the first meditation of my new weekly meditation series. I am going to share a new meditation with you each week, always focusing on another topic, guiding you through a peaceful and mindful journey.

During this first meditation we will focus on accepting and letting go of past negative emotions, beliefs, or fears, in order to open up your path for future success and abundance.

In life we set ourselves a number of ‘mini’ goals and ‘ultimate’ goals. Mini goals can be considered certain achievements along the way that take us closer and closer to our ultimate goals.

For some people it seems easy to achieve these goals, as well as the things they set out to do, whilst others struggle and even give up before they have accomplished anything.

One of the first steps towards reaching our goals, is to let go of our past negative experiences, and future related fears, in order to open ourselves up and let new energy enter our lives, to ultimately take us to where we want to be.

During this first meditation that I am going to sharing with you in the video, we will go through a clearing exercise, during which you not only figure out what has been holding you back, but you will also learn to accept, and let go. By doing this, you free your mind of any negative blockages that maybe stopping you from taking your ambitions to the next level, because your mind is trying to protect you from the negative emotions of possible failure.

Once you accept that these emotions or fears exist, you acknowledge them, and let them go, they will no longer stand in your way, and you have cleared your energy for the future. There is no point in lying to yourself, or masking the truth by covering it up with fake positivity. Only by uncovering our true emotions and fears, will we be able to accept them, and let them go once and for all.

This meditation includes binaural beats and solfeggio tones that will carry you through the entire session with ease. What makes my meditations special, is that I include ambient noise to make the inner journey as real as possible. In this session for example, you will visualise a bonfire. When I ask you to visualise it, you will hear the noise of a bonfire playing in the background. This makes your whole experience even more realistic, and you will be able to follow the exercise with more ease and enjoyment.

If you have any questions you can always get in touch: meditations@ninabeste.com

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Have fun meditating!

Much love,


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