To the most mindful, happy, healthy and abundant year yet!

I have set myself the personal challenge to make 2018 my best year yet. I am building up my business, and continuously learning to always improve my practice and mindfulness.

The aim is to complete 1 Online Workout & 1 Online Meditation every day, for 365 days!!!
As a first time mother and, on top of that, one that is currently building her own business, I do realize the greatness challenge. This shall not stop me from pursuing it or feeling overwhelmed. As with everything in life, this is something I pursue for now, and the interesting thing will be, not if I can actually accomplish it, but how I feel throughout the year.

– Will I amend or change the challenge?
– Will I come across any issues?
– What will I learn from it?
– And what might others learn from it?

Enough said! Let’s see how it goes 🙂

The first video I quickly picked for my workout today, was not challenging at all! Luckily, or not… Anyhow, I completed it, and added some additional exercises, yoga, and stretching. I must say that the angels most likely will add quite a bit more to their workout too 😉

Here is the workout video

For the meditation, I chose an Abraham Hicks one, as I enjoy their videos in general. I was disturbed several times, but able to get right back into it. It was not the best meditation I ever did, but at least I got to meditate, and things well worth hearing were mentioned.

Here is the video

I wish you a happy, healthy and abundant 2018!

Much love,


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