Today’s struggles may be traced back all the way to your birth!

The energy that we carry with us, mostly unconsciously, from our birth and birth experience, can still affect us in our present. Children who were told stories of their moms struggling during labour, may in later life constantly come across struggle themselves. Another example example can be a late birth. If the baby was not born on the due date, and everybody created a sense of waiting, or being late around that baby, it may reflect later on in life. This baby may grow up, constantly being off their life path, off their timeline, simply being late.

During this week’s meditation, we will travel back to your birth, and clear and change the energy around it. Even if you do not know any stories of your actual birth, you can still follow through with this to clear up any unconscious energies that may still be affecting you today.

Since this topic is closely related to the root chakra, we will incorporate it into the clearing session. Your root chakra is commonly represented by the colour red, and situated at the base of your spine. If you want to learn more about the 7 main chakras, you can refer to my chakra program or the online meditation on my channel at a later point.

Once you cleared and transformed the energy of your birth, issues related with it will cease to exist. Once you have gone though this meditation, simply keep your energy up by regular meditation, keeping your root chakra energised.

The affirmations this week concentrate on clearing the energy not only around your birth, but also your childhood, adolescence, and general past. As always the dual mono technique and subliminals make sure that you get the most benefits from these affirmations, and that they stay with you in the long term.

Affirmations in this video:

  • I am at peace with my past
  • I remember and accept the past
  • I was born in peace and harmony
  • My birth was a pleasant experience
  • My past self is accepted and loved
  • I was always loved as a baby, child and young adult
  • I am loved
  • I can give and receive love
  • I am at peace with any past events and situations
  • I have forgiven anything I needed to forgive
  • My past, present and future are in perfect harmony
  • I completely love and accept myself in the past, present and future
  • I completely love and accept myself on all levels and in all dimensions
  • I completely love and accept myself at all times

Have fun going back to your birth and enjoy this wonderful experience!


Much love,



Meditation Script:

Welcome to this Birth Energy Clearing Session, brought to you by Nina Beste Meditations.

Please find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down, and close your eyes. Take a moment to relax your physical body and quiet your mind. Scan your body starting from the top of your head, or your scalp area, and relax each body part, all the way down to your toes. Relax your head, then let the relaxation flow down your neck, shoulders and arms, all the way down to your fingers… Take a deep, slow breath in, and whilst exhaling relax your chest area, and abdomen, all the way through to your spine. Now relax your legs, feet and toes.

Your body and mind are now fully relaxed, and you are ready to beging the birth clearing exercise.

Imagine a red light, emanating from the base of your spine. This red lights represents your root chakra. Feel this energy for a moment, and open up to it.

Now in your mind, travel all the way back to your birthday. Imagine seeing your mom, pregnant and almost ready to give birth to you, and imagine your dad there too. You can imagine these energies as you would have liked them to be, even if your actual birth was much different, or you do not know how it was at all.

Imagine a calm setting, your mom and dad ready to welcome you into this world. Imagine that your mom is touching her belly and saying to you: I am ready to welcome you into this world. I am letting you go, so that we can welcome you with love, and that you can begin your unique journey on this planet.

Now imagine that you are present in spirit, and that you are welcoming yourself being born. Imagine that your birth is easy, and filled with loving energy. See your mom giving birth to you with ease, and happiness, anticipating to meet you outside her womb now. See yourself being born, and then hold the baby you in your arms. Wrap a loving energy around you, and say to your baby self: You are here right on time. You are happy and healthy, and all the love of the universe is available to you. Look your baby self in the eyes, and repeat that again: You are here at the right time. You are happy and healthy, and all the love in the universe is available to you. You have and will always have everything you need, and you are safe and secure.

Now pass the baby you onto your mom, and watch how happy your mom and dad are about you being born. Watch how people like the midwife and a doctor come to your moms side and congratulate her on such a wonderful baby, and such an easy, peaceful birth.

Now take this energy, this feeling of love and appreciation, and let it flow into your roots charka. Watch how the red light glows stronger and brighter, and feel a sense of gratitude for being alive.

You have now successfully cleared your birth energy, and will already feel a shift right now.

Keep this energy flowing by energising your root charka through thought or meditation once in a while.

Take a moment now, to come out of this meditation. Return to the room you are in, and become aware of the noises around you. Wiggle your fingers, and toes a little, take a deep breath, and whenever you are ready, open your eyes.

Before you get up, stretch out your body a little, look around the room, and enjoy this peaceful feeling. Whenever you are ready you may get up and enjoy your life!

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