Today is a fantastic day! Do you wake up thinking that every morning? Research shows, setting up the energy right in the morning makes all the difference.

You have slept, filled up your cup ;), and reenergized, so you are ready to start fresh every morning. If you set the intentions ideal for the day, then your day will carry this positivity and you will not only feel better but also accomplish more, easier.

Key is to set yourself a morning routine that is doable and sustainable. If you set yourself a routine that is excellent on paper but already destined to fail, as you cannot keep up with it, then you will just feel a sense of failure if you cannot stick to it. Instead, set yourself a routine that you can easily follow every morning, and that would forgive possible amendments.

Here is my morning routine:

  1. Wake up within five seconds of the alarm ringing and start whatever needs to be done first
    • Go to the toilet 😉 brush my teeth (with the non-dominat hand)
    • take care of baby if she is up
    • open the door if it rang… You get the point!
    • DRINK WATER AND THEN MAKE SOME TEA TO DRINK DURING THE MORNING – this flushes your system and gives you new energy!
  2. Meditate, repeat positive affirmations, set the ideal energy for the day. Today I listened to this:
  3. Workout, stretch, do any kind of exercise. I usually begin with some Qigong to warm up the body and then today I did some Yoga and some additional leg exercises after:
  4. Begin with the tasks at hand. I heard journaling is also great, I will look into that once baby is a bit older. If I can, I learn something, if I have to work I do that, whatever comes up next. The main thing to remember is that you get things done, and do not procrastinate due to negative energy.

These steps should set you up to a fantastic start! I will write more about each indivudual topic in another post. For now, I am still on the Mindful Living Challenge 2018 [Day 3] and loving the commitments I made to myself.

Always remember, changes are not failures! You live and you learn, just to your best and keep the self-talk positive. You are enough, you are worth it and you are love <3


Have a lovely day!

Much love,



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