The meditation and affirmations I am sharing with you today can be used at any point during the day, as a meditation, or as a waking visualisation and repeat affirmations throughout the day, if you don’t have the chance or if you don’t want to go into meditation. Our thoughts, and what we concentrate on is very powerful. Merely by thinking about something we automatically send energy to it. That is why sometimes people get upset when they think about negative scenarios, and then they actually come true, but we will look at that another time.

For today, I want to give you a tool that you can use at any time to give yourself a quick boost of energy.

To do this exercise outside of meditation:

    • stand or sit up straight and imagine white light entering your body straight form the universe
    • imagine how this light fills your entire body, and how it refreshes and energises every part of your body it gets in contact with
    • when you are done, thank the universe for sharing this energy with you, and then continue the rest of your day feeling rejuvenated, with new focus and concentration 🙂

The affirmations can be repeated at any point throughout your day. As always these affirmations are particularly powerful, as they are recorded in my ‘Dual Mono Technique’. You will hear each affirmation 3 times. First in the center, then left and the right – this is also why it is best to use headphones when listening. Listening to each affirmation like this for 3 times, makes sure it reaches your unconscious , as well as your day to day thinking style. The benefits are hence much more intense than with just repeating any affirmation once or in a regular way.

The additional Subliminal-Affirmation-Track (Subliminals) makes sure that all of these powerful affirmations reach your subconscious, even if you do not belief them at first! This track plays very low in the background and is hence almost not audible to your conscious mind, which restricts it from dismissing them before they can reach your subconscious.

For an extra boost, you can repeat these meditations in your mind, or out loud, at any time during

your day or night:


– I am open to receive positive energy

– I am receiving all the positive energy from the universe

– I feel good, calm and at ease

– I feel positively energised

– I am full of energy

– I enjoy this energised state of being

– Positive energy is flowing all through my body, mind and soul

– Breathing deeply and at ease is energising me more and more

– I go through each day full of energy

– I feel reenergised and refreshed

– I attract positive energy day and night

– I have enough energy to do anything I want

  My energy is mine and protected at all times

– I am fully energised on all levels and dimensions

To get a free mp3 download of this meditation, so that you can listen to it any time, even without being connected to the internet, please subscribe!

Enjoy your energy being boosted instantly and until next time!


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