Nowadays we get bombarded with fake ideals and ‘perfect’ people who seem to be able to do it all on a daily basis. Turn on any form of media, and you will hear, see or read about the newest way to lose weight, look younger, build more muscle, make more money…. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and even though we know most of this is fake news and that nobody is perfect, we start comparing ourselves to these ideals and end up feeling not so good about ourselves. Self confidence diminishes and gets weakened over time, even though there is no real reason for it. Even if you feel like you are lacking in confidence for no apparent reason, and you belief this has nothing to do with how other people may think of you, or the feeling that you are not worthy or enough, today’s meditation will help you with any issues you may have regarding your self-confidence.

Some people are not bothered by anybodies opinions and always believe in themselves, but if you are anything like me, you may keep telling yourself the actual truth, yet some doubts about yourself pop up every now and again. This is human, and like I said, it even happens to me from time to time – as long as it does not lower our confidence to the point where we start avoiding doing certain things we would usually enjoy, or even cancelling events to avoid certain situations.

When we have a big event, or an important meeting coming up, it is human nature to maybe feel a little nervous or intimidated by it. It is okay if that does not bother us much, but if it keeps us from going after what we want, or if it makes us avoid certain situations in general, this lack of confidence in ourselves needs to be fixed. Let’s say for example you are going for a job interview, but your nerves get the best of you, and you go into the interview not feeling like you deserve the job, or that you can compete with the other applicants.

It is time to stop this now and gain the self confidence you deserve!

Today I will share a simple mind trick with you that will instantly boost your confidence and leaves you feeling empowered. You can go into meditation for this technique, or you can do it at any point in your mind, even with your eyes opened. You could do this even right before you go into the interview or any other situation where you could use a little confidence boost.

To get a free mp3 download of this meditation, so that you can listen to it any time, even without being connected to the internet, please visit:

Do the confidence building exercise anytime, even right before big events or situations you would like to be more confident in:

  • Stand with your eyes open or closed
  • Imagine that you are growing roots from your feet straight into the ground beneath you
  • Once anchored strongly into the ground, imagine going through the upcoming situation or event in your mind, with the positive outcome you desire
  • That’s it! You will feel more confident and ready 🙂

Enjoy the meditation and have a great day!


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