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More about Nina Beste

Better Living Through Modern Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Health & Wellness

    Nina is a certified Health & Wellness Coach. All her products are designed with a holistic approach, yet incorporating the science behind the human mind & body.

  • NLP – Hypnosis & EFT

    Being an EFT [Emotional-Freedom-Technique] and NLP [Neuro-Linguistic-Programming] Master Practitioner, all of Nina’s meditations, hypnosis and affirmations are influenced by these alternative methods to ensure the best results for the desired outcome of the individual listener.

  • Healing Music

    With a Bachelor in Music from the University of Westminster and having gained a wide range of knowledge in the composition and production of music, all of Nina’s products are professionally recorded and produced. Incorporating her research about the healing qualities of music and brain entraining frequencies, Nina makes sure that all her products have the best possible features currently available on the market.


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Nina’s Bio


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Nina Beste is known for guiding her clients with ease to their desired goals following a mindful lifestyle and her signature meditation practices. She is a meditation developer and ‘Mindful Living Coach’, with over 20 years of experience in her field.

Nina is also a certified Health & Wellness coach, with additional qualifications in EFT [Emotional-Freedom-Technique] & NLP [Neuro-Linguistic-Programming] and she has a Bachelor in Music.

On her YouTube Channel ‘Nina Beste – Meditation & Mindfulness‘ she occasionally publishes free meditations and her platform ‘Calming Meditation‘ hosts her complete courses focused on stress reduction and healing.

Nina is currently working on a free meditation course, and releasing her online course ‘Chakra Journeys’ as well as her signature meditation ‘Pura Meditation’.


To one day step into similar footsteps of most of her family members before her, Nina was always sure to make her passion for alternative healing therapies, meditation & mindfulness, yoga and clean living into her career one day.

Coming from a family of general medical practitioners, she decided to take the more alternative and at times spiritual way, yet incorporating the science behind the human mind & body into her programs.



See What Nina’s Clients Have To Say

“It is always amazing how your voice and delivery creates such a positive impact for the better. Thank you very much!”


“A wonderful creative individual, Nina has helped to produce some stunning mindfulness scripts which will positively impact my business. I would recommend her services to anyone in the Health and Wellbeing Industry. Thank you again Nina for your time and patience with me also.”


“Nina’s voice is wonderful, and I look forward to using the custom meditation to assist me in my quest to get past my fear of flying. Thanks, Nina!”

RR Author

“If you need a great guided meditation, look no further. I was looking for a custom meditation and Nina did exactly what i had in mind. Her voice and her music is bringing you deep in the meditation. She is also very nice, patient and did all the changes very quickly. Thank you, Nina.”