7 Meditations

Discover 7 Powerful Meditations In Just One Week!

Mindfulness - Visualisation - Transcendence - Mantra - Zazen - Kundalini - Pura Meditation

Day 5: Zazen

Sitting and doing nothing can be so easy and revealing!

Please Watch The Introduction Video, Or Read The Text Below, Before You Start Meditating

Notice How You Feel Right Now - Before You Begin The Meditation

Zazen Meditation

Zazen Meditation [Complete]

Zazen Meditation [Guide Only]

After The Meditation

Notice How You Feel Now - After Having Gone Through This Meditation Session

How do you feel after 'just sitting' for a while? Did you notice another side of yourself? I recommend you stretch out your body a little and reflect on how you felt before, and how you feel now, after having gone through this session.

See you at tomorrow's Kundalini Meditation!

Introduction Text

Day 5: Zazen 'Sitting'

Sitting and doing nothing can be so easy and revealing!

Wow! Today you are meditating on the fifth day on this course. Can you already feel a difference to before you started the course? It is possible that you may not even have consciously perceived it, but once you go inside and reflect, you'll notice that your everyday life is already more relaxed overall and that you have discovered exciting new sides about yourself.

On day 5 we come to one of the traditional meditation techniques of Buddhists. This is the meditation that many people claim is difficult to do, and can not be easily mastered by beginners. As with everything in life, practice makes masters. After all, no one has ever grabbed a violin and just played apiece of classical music without any practice.

The trick with such things in life, and also with this meditation, is to go in small stages. If you have a big goal in mind, then you set smaller goals on the way there. This has several advantages. On the one hand it prevents the feeling of being overwhelmed and on the other hand one always gets a sense of achievement on the way and remains motivated. That is how I lost a lot of weight. I set myself little goals along the way, and it made everything so much easier and the process more enjoyable!

In zazen meditation, the focus is actually only on sitting. This means you are sitting in a comfortable position to meditate, close your eyes and just 'be'.

If this somehow confuses you, do not worry, because you probably already mastered sitting in your first year on this earth 😉 Again, this is not about forcing yourself to do something. You meditate for as long as you like, and if you like this type of meditation, then you can gradually expand the technique.

You can sit cross-legged on a soft surface or if that is not comfortable you can put one foot in front of the other. You can place your hands either with the palms up or down on your legs. Take the position that is most comfortable for you.

Should you notice after or during the meditation that this one is not for you: no problem, you still have the other 6! 😀

You can choose to listen with the Binaural beat of: 4.5 Hz [which is the frequency of Buddhist songs for meditation]

And the Solfeggio tone of: 396 Hz [which promotes the letting go of subconscious blocks]

Happy sitting and see you soon!