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Discover 7 Powerful Meditations In Just One Week!

Mindfulness - Visualisation - Transcendence - Mantra - Zazen - Kundalini - Pura Meditation

Day 3: Transcendence

Inner peace, deep relaxation & long-lasting rest

Please Watch The Introduction Video, Or Read The Text Below, Before You Start Meditating

Notice How You Feel Right Now - Before You Begin The Meditation

Transcendence Meditation

Transcendence Meditation [Complete]

Transcendence Meditation [Guide Only]

After The Meditation

Notice How You Feel Now - After Having Gone Through This Meditation Session

How do you feel after transcending? Did your word change and how long did you transcend for? Maybe you have found a new meaning behind your word or maybe you feel restored and refreshed...

Notice the difference to how you felt before you started today's meditation session.

Enjoy this peaceful feeling and see you on day 4!

Introduction Text

Day 3: Transcendence

On Day 3, I introduce you to a very well-known type of meditation that is sometimes made out to be like a very big secret. But if you learn something about it, you can quickly see that it is a very old and simple exercise, and that it shows tremendous results. It is said that during this meditation the body recovers just as much as it would otherwise during several hours of deep sleep. Therefore this meditation is perfect to:

♦ recharge your batteries

♦ Reduce stress

♦ find inner peace

♦ Achieve deep relaxation & recovery in minutes

This meditation is about focusing on just one word and repeating it over and over again over a certain period of time. If that immediately scares you off, I can assure you that it is a very interesting experience and sounds more challenging than it actually is.

Whether you take a word that has a certain meaning for you or a word whose meaning you do not know, is left to your own. Studies have found no particular difference between the two.

Personally, I think it's nice to take a word, which also gives you a good feeling or reflects what you want to achieve. These words could be:


Health (healthy)

Happiness (happy)

Joy (joyful)

Gratitude (grateful) … and so on…

As this is an introduction to this kind of transcending meditation, you can choose one of these words and then, without any particular meaning to it, repeat it during meditation. Usually this is done for 20 minutes, but it's fine to start with 5 or 10 minutes at the beginning, depending on how you feel comfortable. If you like this kind of meditation, then you can gradually approach the 20 minutes, or even start with 20 minutes right away.

It is possible that the structure, the inner tone, or other things about your word change whilst your repeat it. This is normal and can happen naturally. DO not intend to change of force anything, it's just a matter of observing and simply repeating the word without any judgments.

The Binaural Sound for this is: 3.9 Hz [ which Promotes inner peace]

and the Solfeggio Tone: 963 Hz [which Promotes the connection to the universal energy]

You can play the track with or without the binaural beat. You will hear a gong every 5 minutes, Like this you know how long you have been meditating, and when the 20 minutes are over.

If you like, you can also check the clock yourself or set a peaceful sounding alarm so that it does not startle you when it goes off.