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Day 2: Visualisation

A mind cinema for relaxation, mental preparation and to achieve goals with ease

Please Watch The Introduction Video, Or Read The Text Below, Before You Start Meditating

Notice How You Feel Right Now - Before You Begin The Meditation

Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation Meditation [Complete]

Visualisation Meditation [Guide Only]

After The Meditation

Notice How You Feel Now - After Having Gone Through This Meditation Session

How do you feel now? Did you enjoy this short mind journey?

Maybe this is a meditation you can do from time to time to take a break from your day or to visualise something you would like to manifest.

See you tomorrow for the Transcedence Meditation!

Introduction Text

Day 2: Visualisation

Welcome to the second day of this course. I hope you enjoyed the meditation for mindfulness and you are already looking forward to today's meditation. Today is all about visualisation. Many people feel they can not follow this type of meditation, because they falsely believe they incapable of imagine anything clearly. Of course that's not really true, because if we follow our thoughts, figuratively, we are already visualising. Everyone visualises over the course of the day, consciously or unconsciously. You may have never realised it, but when you think of special moments or make plans in your head, you automatically associate them with pictures or small movies.

Think back to your last birthday. Do you remember what you did? Do you still remember if you got any presents or did something special happen? Right now, you can see this in front of you and you are not really doing anything else during visualisation meditations. The nice thing is that the better you get with your visualisations, the better you can imagine and manifest desired events or goals. If you are interested, you can build on this simple visualisation at any time.

Through visualisations, you can pretty much create your life as you desire, it actually works 😉

These are some examples of what you can use Visualisation Meditations for:

Relaxation - Imagine a place or situation that makes you happy and content, and where you can relax for a short time. Like on the beach or in beautiful and calm forest.

Preparation - Prepare for a special situation, such as a job interview or a date, by visualising a positive outcome in advance.

Achieve Goals - walk through the steps you want to do to reach your goal. Imagine what it feels like to have already achieved your goal and visualise your new life, for example. your ideal body, a dream job ...

Manifestation - Visualise something you want to manifest in your life, such as a new car, a loving partner, anything you truly want!

For today we start with a short journey that will not only show you how easy it is for you to visualise, but from which you will come back completely relaxed and refreshed.

The special thing about my new visualisation technique is that I make it a virtual journey. This means that if you are to see yourself on the beach, you will hear the waves on the recording, etc. This not only helps you to visualise, it also makes your meditation very real and you will see and feel even better results!

The Binaural tone for this meditation is: 8 Hz [which promotes relaxed visualisation & connects the body with the mind]

and the combined Solfeggio Sound is: 741 Hz [which promotes self-expression & purifies the body & mind]

Now, please remember to try to meditate at a quiet place, where you can comfortably relax for the next few minutes.

Enjoy the visualisation!

Bye for now!