7 Meditations

Learn 7 Powerful Meditations In Just One Week!

Did You Know That There Are Many Different Ways To Meditate?

What Meditation Suits YOU Best?


Discover Some Of The Most Powerful Meditations To Reduce Stress, Be Healthier, Happier And More Abundant!


  • Find Out Which Meditation Styles You Truly Enjoy!
  • Restore – Refresh – Rejuvenate!
  • Experience How To Easily Fit Meditation Into A Busy Life!
  • Benefit Form Healing Frequencies & Tones!
  • Meditate Like A Pro In No Time!
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What’s Included In This Course

You Will Receive A New Meditation & Video Introduction Every Day For 1 Week!

  • Mindfulness

    Learn How To Go Through Your Day With A Stronger Sense Of Mindfulness. In This Meditation You Will Become More Aware Of YourSelf And Your Surroundings. This Reduces Stress And Lets You ENjoy Each Moment More Intensively.

  • Visualisation

    Learn How To Visualise With Ease And How To Take A Mind Journey From Your Day-To-Day Life Or Manifest Your Heart’s Desire! Even Beginners Will Be Able To Follow This Relaxing Visualisation Right Away.

  • Transcendence

    We Take The Mystery Out Of This Old Practice And Show You How To Transcend Any Time And Any Place. Get The Same Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep With Just A Few Minutes Of Transcendence!

  • Mantra

    Re-Program Your Mind And Eliminate Negative Thought Patterns With This Mantra Meditation. During This Session You Will Repeat A Positive Mantra And Learn How To Create Your Own!

  • Zazen

    This ‘Sitting’ Session Is Inspired By One Of Most Well Known And Traditional Buddhist Meditations. Enjoy Sitting In A Relaxed Position And Learn New Sides Of Your Body, Mind & Soul!

  • Kundalini

    Awaken New Powers By Meditating On Your Energy Centers! This Meditation Will Open You Up To New Realms And Fill You With Great Strenght & Awareness.

  • Pura

    Nina’s Unique Meditation That Can Be Adjusted To Your Personal Preferences. Get An Exclusive Introduction To This Very Powerful Meditation Style And Open Up To A Whole New World Of Health & Abundance!


Learn How To Meditate Like A Pro In Just 7 Days!

Are you curious about meditation? Are you a beginner or do you want to enhance your practice?

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This is the perfect course to get to know 7 powerful types of meditations, and how you can follow them with ease and make your practice enjoyable. By the end of the week you will have gained knowledge over some of the oldest healing and self-development practices, and surely make meditation a part of your life.

Nina Beste is known for helping people all around the world reach their goals and live happier, healthier and more abundant lives, with her custom meditation programs, as well as her coaching of mindful living and alternative healing techniques. She has researched meditation and alternative healing methods for over 20 years, and has put 7 of her favourite meditation practices into this course.


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What This Course Can Do For You


  • Find Out What Kind Of Meditation(s) Is The Right Fit For You
  • Simple Ways To Integrate Meditation Into Your Everyday Life
  • Significantly Reduce Any Form Of Harmful Stress
  • Increase Your Focus, Creativity & Productivity
  • Rejuvenate and connect your body, mind & soul
  • Reach Your Goals And Live A Happy, Healthy & Abundant Life

About Nina Beste – Your Course Instructor

Health & Wellness Coach – Meditation Expert & Instructor – Hypnosis – NLP – EFT – Bachelor of Music

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Nina Beste is known for guiding her clients to their desired goals with ease, following a mindful lifestyle, and her signature meditation practices. She is a meditation developer and ‘Mindful Living Coach’, with over 20 years of experience in her field.

Nina is also a certified Health & Wellness coach, with additional qualifications in EFT [Emotional-Freedom-Technique] & NLP [Neuro-Linguistic-Programming] and she has a Bachelor in Music.

Her meditations are featured in many international Apps and she has written several meditation courses for private as well as business clients. She is the German voice over for ‘PureMind’ and is currently working on the release of her own meditation App ‘MYditation‘.[/text_block]

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Hi, I am Nina!

…and it is my mission to help people live their best lives! I am known to help my clients achieve their goals and live their ideal lives, by sharing my unique meditation & mindfulness programs and coaching strategies with them.

Mindful living & Meditation has changed my life, from lacking self-esteem, being overweight, having panic attacks and suffering from poor health ——>>>>> to being confident, in ideal shape, calm & free of overwhelming stress, and being healthy!

Today I teach my clients and thousands of people online, how to live THEIR ideal lives, by removing the labels that society puts on us, changing the inner perspective and being mindful.

I am looking forward to sharing 7 of the most powerful meditations that I know with you in this course.

See you on Day 1,



What Makes This Course So Special

7 Valuable Techniques & Healing Frequencies

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Every person is unique and requires a unique approach! Don’t just learn about 1 meditation, but rather 7 different techniques, to know and decide for yourself, which one is the best fit!

Special Healing Music and Frequencies:

You have the choice to listen to the meditations with music and frequencies that will help your brainwaves adjust easily and simply to follow the meditation and get the most benefits. Even beginners can meditate like a pro thanks to binaural beats and solfeggio tones!

Keep the files and meditations for life – FREE downloads and resources:

You can save all meditations and listen whenever you feel like it. This course is completely flexible and easy to incorporate into every day life.



Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Tones

Depending on the condition, our brainwaves oscillate in a frequency ranging from delta (deep sleep), through theta, and to gamma (high concentration). Theta frequencies are the most effective during meditation. As a beginner, it can sometimes take some practice to bring your brain waves to the theta frequency, as you do through relaxation. To simplify this process you can use binaural beats. These sounds are based on the knowledge of science and the fact that different frequencies are played back in the left and right ear, allowing the brain to automatically adjust its waves. Thanks to this technology, anyone can now meditate without any effort in the theta state, and also get all the benefits! The recommended way to listen to these sounds is through headphones, to feel the targeted effect most clearly.

In this course, you have the choice to listen to the meditations with or without music and ambience or frequencies and tones.

As a bonus for this course, the binaural beats have been produced in combination with Solfeggio tones, so the listener also gets their miraculous healing effects.

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Course Layout


  • Day 1: Mindfulness

    The first day begins with one of the simpler forms of mindfulness meditation. The beauty of mindfulness is that you can apply it so wonderfully in everyday life, and so consciously go through the day, living every moment more intensely and with more joy.

    During this guided meditation, Nina will guide you through a simple exercise to become more aware of your mind, body and environment.

  • Day 2: Visualisation

    Many people feel they cannot master this type of meditation, because they believe they cannot imagine or picture anything in their mind. You will learn that this is not the truth, and that anyone is capable of visualising, because with the power of imagination is how we think everyday! You may have never realised it, but when you think about special moments or make plans in your head, you automatically associate them with pictures or movies. In this meditation, Nina will show you how to easily visualise or improve your technique.

  • Day 3: Transcendence

    On Day 3, Nina introduces you to a very well-known type of meditation that is sometimes made up to be a very big secret. But if you learn something about it, you can quickly see that it is a very simple exercise, which still shows tremendous results. During this meditation, the body and mind are said to recover as well as they would otherwise during several hours of deep sleep. This meditation is perfect for recharging your batteries, reducing stress, and finding inner peace. Gentle music or sounds can accompany you to stay in the meditation with ease.

  • Day 4: Mantra

    Mantras are short sentences that you can always say to yourself at any point during the day to change your mood and personal energy, one can also call them affirmations. In this meditation, you concentrate on your self-selected mantra and are accompanied by gentle music. Through Mantras you can re-wire your brain, and develop a more optimistic and happier state of mind in the long run.

  • Day 5: Zazen

    This is a traditional Buddhist meditation technique. Zazen means ‘sitting’. Here you are shown how to follow this meditation with ease. You can also be accompanied by soft music and frequencies.

  • Day 6: Kundalini

    The most important thing for Nina about this kind of meditation is that it gives you an enormous amount of energy, as you focus on the energy centers in the body and especially the ‘energy’ that keeps us all alive. It is also said that with Kundalini meditation one can find enlightenment. In this Kundalini meditation, you focus primarily on your chakras. Chakras are energy centers in our body that help regulate various functions of our system.

  • Day 7: Pura Meditation

    This meditation was developed by Nina herself, and is a technique that combines the most powerful exercises from different meditations and alternative healing techniques, such as NLP, EFT and hypnosis. As a highlight in this course, you will get a guide and video explanation on how to amend this technique for your own purposes. You can use Pura Meditation to connect with your true ‘self’ and the power of the Universe and then mentally assemble your life as you want it to be in the material world.



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The Web-Course is currently under construction…

You can listen to the entire course for free in the App!