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Please Begin By Reading The Guide Book To Get The Most Benefits From This Program


  • Root Chakra: Control Over Finances & Career, Sense Of Security, Have Structure In Life, Be Grounded...
  • Sacral Chakra: Control Over Your Emotions, Healthy Sexuality, Feeling Connected, Better Body Image...
  • Solar Plexus: Knowing Your Purpose In Life, Being Able To Manifest, To Be Validated...
  • Heart Chakra: Self-Acceptance, To Love And Be Loved, Balanced Relationships...
  • Throat Chakra: Be Creative, Being Able To Speak Up, Being Hear, Better Communication...
  • Third Eye Chakra: Seeing The Truth, Changing Negative Beliefs, Self Realisation, Clarity, Purpose...
  • Crown Chakra: Wisdom, Healthy Spirituality, Feeling At Peace, Feeling Whole...

Chakras Are Your Body's Energy Centers!



ROOT CHAKRA: Stronger Bones, Vitality, Increased Levels Of Energy...

SACRAL CHAKRA: Increased Libido, Decreased PMS...

SOLAR PLEXUS: Improved Digestion, Increased Fitness...

HEART CHAKRA: Improved Blood Circulation, Healthier Pulse Rate...

THROAT CHAKRA: Hormonal Balance, Voice Improvements, Healing Flues & Colds...

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Better Vision, Rejuvenation, Energy From Healthier Sleep Patterns...

CROWN CHAKRA: Body & Mind Balance - Improved Central Nervous System...

What Makes 'Chakra Journeys' So Special

What Chakra Journeys Includes

  • 7 Individual Guided Chakra Journeys
  • 7 Chakra Boost Guided Meditations
  • The Complete Guided Chakra Journey
  • The Complete Chakra Boost Guided Meditation
  • Bonus 1: Chakra Affirmations for Day & Night
  • Bonus 2: Chakra Energising Music Including Frequencies & Ambience For Each Chakra

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More About The Meditations

  • Individual Chakra Journeys

    These Guided Journeys Focus On One Chakra At A Time. You May Choose To Go Through Them One After The Other, Or Simply Choose Which Chakra You Want To Meditate On At Any Given Moment. Each Chakra Has A Unique Journey As It Regulates Different Functions In The Body Or Mind. In The Guide Book You Will Learn More About Each Chakra To Find Out Which One You Can Choose For Any Given Issue.

  • Complete Chakra Journey

    This meditation guides you through all the Chakras one after the other. Starting at the Root Chakra, you will go through a complete journey to energise all your Chakras in one session.

  • Individual Chakra Boosts

    These individual Chakra Boosts are a great way to quickly and instantly energise your Chakras. They are short sessions and can even fit into the busiest lifestyle.

  • Complete Chakra Boost

    This is a short meditation to instantly energise all your Charkas. Just as the individual boosts, this meditation is perfect for a quick session or right in the morning for an extra boost of energy.

  • Chakra Affirmations

    The power in affirmations is that the more you listen to them, the more you will believe them, and be able to see positive changes or re-wire any negative beliefs. These can be played in the background at any time, as the subconscious will pick up on them, or used as morning or night rituals. These affirmation audios are specifically powerful, as they include subliminal affirmations. This means that affirmations are played in the background on a very low level, reaching the subconscious without being able to be dismissed by the conscious mind.

  • Special Chakra Music

    The Chakra Music was specifically composed in accordance to the 7 Chakras. Starting with the Root Chakra, this audio will go through all 7 Chakras one after the other, and is enhanced with the specific notes, ambience, frequencies and mantras for each individual one.

About The Author

Nina Beste is a meditation developer and mindfulness expert. She is a certified Health & Wellness coach, with additional qualifications as an EFT [Emotional-Freedom-Technique] & NLP [Neuro-Linguistic-Programming] Master Practitioner and she has a Bachelor in Music.

Nina has not only researched the power of meditation and music on the human mind, but has already helped many of her clients with her unique meditations and visualisation journeys.

Many years ago Nina discovered the power of Chakras. She researched their functions and individual relations to ambient noise and sound, and by implementing the techniques she developed, was able to overcome many challenges in life herself.

Suffering from obesity as a child and anxiety as young adult, Nina learned the importance the 7 main Chakras have, and how healing and harmonising them is essential for your health and wellbeing.

This is why she developed 'Chakra Journeys'. Overcoming these issues of the past herself and totally turning her life around inspired Nina to share her knowledge and make it available to you in this one of a kind Chakra program.

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What Listeners Have to Say

  • Bekkie Richmond Bekkie Richmond
    Hi, I have been looking everywhere for chakra meditations that are good and I have to say this is the most powerful one I have ever tried. Honestly you must have some sort of training in hypnosis because it was as if my body was made of lead it was in lock down and my brain was full of gray clouds. It was truely amazing but I only managed to get half way through as your voice is so calming that I fell from a deep meditation to sleep then I woke up, so tomorrow I am going to try and complete the whole thing. In my journey to open my third eye this is going to be a really helpful tool so I would like to thank you so much!! I really hope you can make more like this because I have searched and no where on youtube does a full chakra or third eye meditation like you! Thank you again!! ~ Peace ~
  • Jennifer Guerra Jennifer Guerra
    So grateful for your root chakra and now solar plexus meditations Nina, the root chakra meditation, I believe, has changed my life to help me function more calmly, and feel more stable and grounded. Thank you!

"Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world.

Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before.

Let your soul take you where you long to be...

Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before."

Erich Fromm ~ German Psychologist

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