Nina Beste is a ‘Holistic Health & Wellness’ entrepreneur from Germany [born on May 15th 1983 in Bad Nauheim, Germany]. She creates music specifically composed for easy listening, relaxation and meditation purposes, and develops Meditation products in English and German. In December 2016 she launched her online meditation platform ‘Calming Meditation’, and some of her meditations are being featured in a variety of international Apps.

At young age she moved to Spain with her family,

where she lived until graduating from college. She then moved to Manhattan ‘New York’ for vocal and performance training.

In 2009 she temporarily moved to Africa, to learn more about the music and culture, and research alternative music therapies.

After spending several months in Africa, she moved to London where she studied

and graduated from the BA (Hons) in Music at the University of

Westminster in 2012.

During 2011 and 2012 Nina started further educating herself in Alternative Healing Methods and

became an EFT & NLP Master Practitioner.

End of 2012 Nina once again relocated to Africa for a national tour with local musicians, charity work, and to host a local

radio show at Paradise FM.


During her time in Gambia Nina was actively involved in supporting local charities,

and she appeared on local TV shows such as ‘Star Line’, ‘Fatou Show’,

and ‘Breakfast TV’ on GRTS.

In January 2014 she moved back to Germany.

In 2014 Nina started developing Meditation projects such as ‘Mindful Clarity‘, as well as

producing music specifically designed for meditation and relaxation, now available on her platform ‘Calming Meditation’.

Album Artwork - Mindful Clarity

She currently releases complimentary meditations online, creates custom meditations for private clients, and is working on her German meditation blog and products.

Nina currently lives in Leipzig where she is also working on a visual New Age Album, as well as developing a new music project called ‘Affirmation Sound’.